The famous Wimbledon tennis championship will not operate with the iconic queues fans love to see, the All England Club has confirmed.


Coronavirus restrictions, although they have been recently relaxed, mean the All England Club have the decision to distribute tickets differently this year. Therefore Wimbledon Park and the surrounding area will not be home to the snaking queues and huddles of tents this year. It seems that tickets for the show courts will still be distributed on the basis of a first come first serve policy however it is most likely this will be on an online platform. For those who won tickets through the public ballot for the 2020 championship, which was cancelled, will be given the opportunity to purchase them again, the club has said.


Furthermore, another change to this year’s championship due to coronavirus restrictions, is that reselling of tickets within the grounds will be illegal. Whilst in previous years people were able to resell their tickets to certain courts, this year that will not be allowed. A Wimbledon statement said: “Both the queue and ticket resale remain much-loved and important Wimbledon traditions and we look forward to their return in 2022.”


A previous statement already released by the All England Club had already stated that players and their support teams, as well as match/tournament officials would be required to stay in hotels rather than private houses. 


The club has also revealed that they have the intention of holding qualifying matches for the tournament by 2028 on a site next to the current grounds.