Households have bought 3.2 million pets in lockdown and a large proportion of those pets are puppies. Puppies are really good for mental health because their closeness increases serotonin which decreases levels of stress and blood pressure. Also always having something to come home to and offers you unconditionally love all the time.

It’s been the ideal time to get a puppy in lockdown because you’re at home constantly and can give them care the whole day. They’re such good company for people who live on their own and can get them out the house for a walk.

They’re also good for children because it’s like a friend they can’t have in lockdown.

But, what will happen after lockdown? Will the puppy be neglected and not taken on many walks when everyone is back to their normal busy life? Who’s going to look after them? This is why we need to give them the care they deserve.

Furthermore, it’s hard to train the pups because we have to socially distance so no one strokes the puppy and so they won’t be used to socializing with anyone but their owners.

Therefore, try to socialize your puppy with as many other puppies and people after socially distancing is relaxed. Maybe consider booking some puppy classes so the experts can help as they know best!