‘The one who causes fear”


A new dinosaur has been discovered in Southern Argentina. The reports of this dinosaur were announced on Tuesday. The scientific name for the dinosaur is the Llukalkan aliocranianius. It is estimated to be around 5 metres(16 feet) long, lived 85 million years ago. and potentially weigh up to 5 tonnes, similar to the weight of a male African element. The key difference between this dinosaur and an African elephant, is that this animal ate meat. It is no Tyrannosaurus rex, but paleontologists believe that the dinosaur would have been an efficient, fearsome predator due to the size of its skull and jaw, and thus a powerful bite to eat its prey. In similar fashion to the t-rex, this dinosaur has those comical chicken arms, but i doubt its prey would have seen it that way.


Scientists did find something quite unusual in its discovery. Close to the dinosaur, there was also remains of another carnivorous dinosaur, a larger one, called the Viavenator. A rival, probably, considering they lived in the same ecosystem, and relied on the same prey. The lead Researcher, Federico Gianeichini, on the case hypothesised that they ‘would have competed with each other and- why not- even eaten each other.” Some food for thought, that animals as powerful as the Llukalkan had predators themselves.