On Sunday 28th March, many people in the UK, and across the globe would have been able to spot a bright full moon in the sky.  This moon is an annual occurrence, known as the Worm Moon.  It appears in March and is usually the last full moon before the March equinox, making it the last full moon of winter.

The Worm Moon got its name from the appearance of earthworms at this time of year, in the northern hemisphere.  As warm spring weather thaws the ground, many earthworms emerge.  Many full moon names today were based on the ancient month names.  The Worm Moon is also known as the Lenten Moon, Crow moon, Chaste Moon, Sap Moon, Sugar Moon or Crust Moon. 

This year the Worm Moon is also a Supermoon.  There are 2 official supermoons in 2021, the Worm Moon is the first one.  Supermoons are slightly closer to the Earth than regular full moons, and therefore appear slightly larger in the sky.  The next Supermoon will be in April.

The Worm Moon is the third Full Moon of 2021, and it also marks the Holi Festival.  Holi is a Hindu celebration of Spring, Colours and Love.  Holi Celebrates the arrival of spring and begins on the evening of a Full Moon.

The Worm Moon is the brightest and biggest moon of the year so far yet there are many more full moons to come.  Other full moon’s you will be able to see in 2021 are:

Pink Moon – April 26

Flower Moon – May 26

Strawberry Moon – June 24

Buck Moon – July 23

Sturgeon Moon – August 22

Harvest moon – September 20

Hunter's moon – October 20

Beaver moon – November 19

Cold moon – December 18