Let's face it; everyone is fed up with the current Mayor, Sadiq Khan. 

For the last 4 years he has received Billions of pounds to invest into the City of London. As Mayor, he is responsible for the transport system, Crime, and the wellbeing of Londoners. 

Unfortunately, the Mayor has not delivered on his responsibilities. 

London's transport system is respected as one of the finest in the world. Yet, the Mayor does not want to develop and innovate it further. The Elizabeth line has been delayed by at least 3 years now and is at least 3 billion pounds over the original budget, leading businesses that wanted to attract customers coming out of the new stations to the brink. A businessperson said that the issue has been a "Total detriment" to her business as she struggles with financial issues. Yet, the Mayor of London has not shown any interest in the project's issues. 

Furthermore, Crime in London has risen since 2016. Over 100 young people have lost their lives due to Knife Crime, a crisis that the Mayor has ignored and left to grow. In fact, his ignorance towards key issues has given him the name of the "missing Mayor", suggesting that he is escaping all his responsibilities. 

Finally, Sadiq Khan has completely failed at his main job, at keeping Londoner's happy about his leadership. By setting up roadblocks in the City, the Mayor has done an excellent job at infuriating drivers who are trying to return home. Additionally, drivers are paying huge sums of their hard-earned money to drive in London. 

The Mayor and his administration are a shambles. 

Please, on the 6th of May 2021, let us elect an actual Mayor of London, someone who is not going to run and hide from their responsibilities.