The easing of a national lockdown and better weather, what a coincidence? 

The Covid-19 pandemic has been disastrous for many, especially in England and the problems the virus brings with it are widespread and highly sensitive. However, the lockdown has caused issues with socialising and has led to problems with loneliness and the distancing of friends through all age groups has had a profound effect. Students have been lucky to return to school where socialising and contact with others has been extremely easy and helpful. However, many others have been left at home unable to go out much due to poor weather and a national lockdown. However, March 29th signalled the beginning of an ease out of lockdown and toward a more “normal” way of life. 

The rule of six still applied to those meeting outside, whether it be in public parks or in private gardens, but would that be enough? Covid cases and deaths have been on the decline since the beginning of the vaccination programme on December 8th with more than 30 million people being vaccinated by 29th March. The continuation of the vaccination programme has seen many positives and is safely protecting many from the virus. 

However, as temperatures shot up to a whopping 22 degrees on the 30th of March, everyone wanted to get out, and for good reason. Enjoying the sun is priority for many and especially after being stuck indoors for so long, it was a great way to get out of the house safely. But the sheer number of those who escaped their indoor prisons was immense. Public spaces such as the Blackheath and Primrose Hill were filled with sun-soakers. Although it was the right time to go out, the massive number of people in proximity could arguably have been a danger for many. It could also be argued that because of the vaccination programmes and the decrease in numbers, that this sort of outing was okay as it was outdoors, and people were mostly keeping their distance.   

March 30th certainly seemed more positive, and we hope the good weather stays. The dream of a non-restricted summer is still within many people’s minds and would be a summer to look forward to, especially after such a tiresome year.