Once lockdown started many people were able to see the enormous benefits of owning a dog, leading to many households purchasing a puppy. It was seen as something new and terribly exciting during tremendously difficult and even lonely times. However as we approach the warmer months in 2021, returning to normalcy seems more hopeful than ia year ago.Social gatherings, foreign travel and returning to the office seem possible. These busy lifestyles could impact the ability to juggle puppy commitments and worryingly could cause them to be neglected, placed into shelters or heartbreakingly even worse.


Finding a healthy puppy and the right fit for each family can be greatly challenging with many breeders not telling the buyer the explicit details for buyers to make an informed decision. Breeders have been able to make tremendous profits as the demands for puppies soared. This rapid demand for puppies have increased the number of fake breeders who are illegally taking people’s money, often leaving many devastated and the victims of crime. For some, making this purchase was a huge financial commitment especially during these demanding times. 


Before the increase in demand, there has been much research showing the huge benefits for positive mental health and happiness having a puppy. Puppies and dogs can greatly help alleviate stress, decrease anxiety, depression and loneliness. The pandemic has had a huge impact on people’s mental health and the trend towards getting a puppy has seemed like a great idea to help with these struggles.