The weather in London has taken a dramatic turn, leaving us with highs of 21⁰, overnight! As lockdown restrictions lift, here are some fun and safe ways to enjoy the warm weather.

  1. Going to your local park. Parks offer lovely open green spaces, and some even have forests and trees, which are perfect for sitting in the shade and relaxing. If you have a dog, they would also love this, as they can work off some energy whilst you enjoy the greenery.
  2. Having picnics or barbeques. These are a lovely way to enjoy a nice meal, whilst also enjoying the sunshine. Seeing as from the 29th of March six people or two households are allowed to meet outside, having a picnic or barbeque is the perfect way to catch up socially, as long as you are being sensible.
  3. Open-air swimming pools. Open-air swimming pools are allowed to re-open on the same day as you can meet six people or two households. This is a great way to keep cool during the heat, and will be very relaxing after the cold winter months. (As long as you are sensible and stay safe whilst doing so)
  4. Going on walks. Going on walks is a perfect way to exercise, whilst also being out in the warm weather. There are many routes to take, whether you want to see countryside or city.


In St James’ Park, in London, a temperature of 24.2C was recorded, making it the hottest day in March for 53 years! The warm weather has come after a year of being in and out of lockdown, so let’s be thankful, that we may be finally seeing the end of the worst of the pandemic.


All information from BBC News. This article is not persuading you to break any COVID-19 restrictions, or to be irresponsible. The reader is responsible for their own actions.