It doesn’t take a genius to say that the world is unequal. Half of the world live on less than 5 pounds while billionaires have more wealth than 60% of the population. This happens by under taxing wealthy companies but somehow underfunding public services. So, how is it that the rich just stay richer and the poor stay poorer?


If a wealthy person dies suddenly, the obvious is that a lot of money goes to their kids via inheritance. Their kids didn't really do anything to earn the money, they were just born into a lucky household. And now their children have more money than some of the country and they tend to just keep getting richer due to them being able to strike a profit. That money would just keep increasing until something like a war or taxes come in. But apart from that, you can use that money for literally anything. And in the wrong hands, it can be dangerous.


Taxes are a method of making wealth equal, according to the guardian, the wealthiest in Britain are just paying a tax rate of 20%. The way taxes work is that the more you earn to more tax you pay. In the UK, if earn less than or equal to £12,500 then you don’t pay tax.The rest pay up on the margins of money they earn, starting with about 20-30%. So you can see why a billionaire paying 20% tax rates is troubling. The most obvious solution would be to increase taxes for the rich but some richer people already pay a higher tax. Instead of increasing the tax rate, the question you should be asking is who is not paying their fair share? 


So, now the question is how do we solve wealth inequality? Like many things, it can’t just be solved in a year or so. It can only really be narrowed. For example, taxes fund things like education. And in education, children will hopefully get jobs that allow them to have money. And then, they will pay tax that will fund public systems. That is the ideal. But however, not all schools are the same. The poorly funded schools turn out less qualified children which leads them to be less likely to earn more. Making everyone have an equal opportunity is one way, but another is voting for candidates who want to change the system and in the 2014 American elections, many candidates like Hilary Clinton, The green party and Gary Johnson promised all found ways of increasing minimum wages and increasing opportunities. The only problem was that Trump won. 

You can also help people gain assets which helps.

There are ways to reduce to disparity of wealth, but when you’re talking hundreds of thousands money notes, it’s not an easy switch.