Due to the pandemic, schools have been forced to close down despite the upcoming exams. Board exams have been cancelled because of the time we missed studying at school. Although we are attending school online, it has become harder to focus and stay on track as we get distracted more easily. Online school has made this emotional stress the norm for students.

Online classes make it easier to procrastinate and there is more workload. Students feel under pressure and stressed as they don’t have enough time to finish it all. Some teenagers feel like their self-esteem is going down and this also has a negative impact as they cannot get a lot done in a day.

Their mental health is worsened because of the current pandemic and personal issues. They do not have enough motivation to study and receive more work than encouragement from their teachers which has a huge impact. There has been an increase in students who have anxiety due to covid-19. They feel more isolated as they cannot see their friends as much.