The situation for Year 10s and our GCSEs is very unclear. We know what’s happening with Year 11s. This year’s GCSEs have already been cancelled. But the Government continue to dance around questions concerning what will happen to our GCSES. We missed part of the Spring term, and the whole of the summer term last school year. It seems like we are going to miss the whole of this year’s spring term, at the very least. We cannot be expected to take the GCSEs with no change to how it has been done in the past. The amount of interruption to our studies would make it unacceptable. 


But what could happen:. What changes could the government make? It seemed like the government planned to make the GCSEs easier for the current Year 11s. They were to be given the topics, although broad, that would be on tests. No such promise has been made for current yr10s. No remark on if there will be a change in grading.  Nothing. All people want is a word of assurance, of notice. 


Ultimately, we have the most important exams we have ever taken coming up in a year’s time. The actual specifics are completely up in the air. It is a waiting game. Will we be given aid, or will we be expected to go and take the tests as if nothing has happened to our learning over the last two years?