In my opinion, during the first lockdown the teachers set the very minimum amount of work and as my friends agreed we were not learning new topics. We felt this set us back in our learning. This shows teachers were not prepared for online learning and really struggled in the circumstances they were put under.

In comparison, this lockdown I have Google meets every hour where we work through the slides together and all lessons are a lot more interactive with extension work if needed.

Some students may have preferred the first lockdown because there was less work and now the work may be considered overwhelming.  

The teachers have had more time to adjust now and have better tools to use during teaching online. One example is whiteboard jam board. This enables us to write our answers on an online whiteboard and only the teachers see our answers so no one can copy.

Also, we have scheduled classes which really helps us have our routine back and helps the teachers to be more organised. I definitely prefer this as it feels more like a school day.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and feel more informed about what is happening with online school and how it has improved.