It’s easy to slip into unhealthy habits with the monotonous ideal of lockdown, but here’s a few ways to keep your brain and body stimulated and ready to go!


Go for a morning walk


Though it can be difficult getting out of bed, once you’re up early mornings and a bit of exercise are a great way to start the day. Why not go for a peaceful stroll around your local green space? Don't forget that parks and public spaces are much quieter in the morning - this makes it much easier to maintain social distancing. Maybe bring a hot drink to keep you warm or pick up a coffee along the way!


Track your daily steps on smart phones and watches and use the built-in apps or try StepsApp which accurately tracks you’re daily amount of steps whilst letting you see monthly averages, records and much more.


Workout apps and online classes


There have been many new apps and channels created to fit you and the only bit of free space you have to exercise in lockdown. Set regular days that allow you follow intense tutorials or to track workouts. Just make sure you give your body time to rest!


Here’s some great apps and channels to get you moving:


NTC (Nike Training Club) – Find some exciting live classes with professionals and pre-recorded workouts here. Along with training programs and wellness advice. Don’t be afraid to connect with friends on this app to keep you motivated 


Strava – This great app helps to track runs, bike rides, indoor training and so much more! It’s a favourite of many fitness gurus and it’s a great way to see what your friends are up to. Strava frequently uploads motivating challenges for you and partners with brands such as lululemon.


YogaWithAdriene – Take time away from your chaotic day and complete a calming yoga workout. Yoga is a great way to move your body and feel more connected to yourself – and with Adriene’s workouts ranging from under 10 minutes up to an hour long, there’s something for everyone!

Here’s a link to her channel -


Growingannanas – Push yourself with some intense home workouts from this channel. There really is something for everyone – whether you want to pick and choose individual workouts, or you fancy following a free home workout plan, it’s all great!

Here’s a link -


Try standing whilst working


This is an excellent way of avoiding being sat down for hours! If you have a high table (or just a regular one) use this or even better use kitchen countertops and islands. Do make sure that you’re not sacrificing posture, though! Keep your back straight and shoulders back, without your neck folding over.



Use features and objects from your house 


Using objects and parts of your home can be a great way to keep active. Walk up and down the stairs in between calls for three to four minutes or use chairs to do a variety of different exercises such as triceps dips.


I talked to Gillian Lindsay - Olympian and World Champion rower - to find out her thoughts on keeping active at home during a lockdown: "Being active has both physical and mental benefits. It improves your fitness, makes you stronger and helps you manage your mental health too. Without exercise we begin to feel less strong both in body and in mind."

Hopefully, these tips have helped in a few ways and they have motivated you to get your body moving. Remember, it’s just about keeping active and healthy!