This last year has been a balagan ( בלגן ). From Trump almost causing WW3 with Iran to a global pandemic 2020 has not been kind to us. Despite this 2021 is not off to a good start either; a third Lockdown is incapacitating our economy and our lives, yet we have struggled through. However, some people are struggling more than others. 

In 2017/18 there were approximately 2.4 million separated families in Great Britain including 3.5 million children. Children with divorced parents are almost becoming the new ‘norm’, so how has the biggest crisis of the year affected them. 

The government set guidelines stating that children are allowed to move between the care of parents during all tiers- but is it really that easy. Many young boys and girls have people in their households who are at risk, meaning they can’t switch from house to house without putting a beloved in danger. Others have parents who have lost their job and can't pay child support. In a survey about how children with divorced parents are coping one girl age 12 said ‘It’s difficult because I don’t want to put my mum in any danger or at risk, but by keeping my mum safe, my dad gets really lonely and I miss him.’ 

The effects this separation can have on a child is drastic considering the amount of time we have been in lockdown. A child should always have access to both their parents and never have to choose one. COVID-19 also implicates financial issues; when supporting a child is essential to have a stable income and if not something you can fall back on- and with the current rate of unemployment it's not looking good. 

Overall, all families are suffering the effects of COVID-19 Lockdown, however, the majority of divorced parents and children are disproportionally negatively impacted, so be mindful of those children in your classes and those adults that you work with. Show support and a shoulder to lean on because you never know how much they might need it.