The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has declared a “major incident” in London, following a sharp rise in cases in the last month.

The mayor quoted several facts and figures, however the most shocking was probably that cases are now “35% more than the peak in Spring.” The overwhelming message is now to stay at home. Many had felt towards the end of last year, that the easings of restrictions in time for Christmas meant that the worst of the virus had been seen. However, since then, a new strain of Covid-19 has taken a hold of Britain. Boris Johnson has gone on to reduce the easing of restrictions around Christmas, and send the country into lockdown number 3, including schools, despite his previous insistence that the government owed it to the children to send them to school.

For healthcare workers; rolling out vaccinations has been a cause of happiness and promising times ahead, however, this has been undermined by the fact that the UK is not only back to where it started with the virus, but worse off.

For now, it seems as though we will have to learn to live with the virus for the long term.

Stay safe everyone.