School is based around learning subjects such as maths, english, science and some creative activities. Even though these subjects are important, when students leave school, many of them are stumped with what to do about basic things such as taxes. This is why simple life lessons should be taught in school.

Leading up to adulthood students spend years learning subjects that would be helpful in the jobs that they want, but not learning how to sustain a life without the help of their parents. Things such as cooking, how to pay taxes, debts, morgages and many other things are key things that we should be learning during school. Even if its one compulsory lesson a week it would still help young people to understand how to function with adults. How does it make sense that we learn things that will fit the requirements for a job yet we cant do simple things like buy a house?

Teaching kids from an early age about how to deal with the real world will then improve a childs confidence and independence. This will mean that children wont have to depend on their parents when they leave school as they would have all the knowlege they would need. Im not saying hand them all the answers on a silver plater whilst in class, im saying give them the basics that they need, and then let them work out the harder problems by themselves as that would help improve problem solving skills as well as them being less dependable. 

I wish i had lessons that would teach me the things other than how to do algebra or analyse poems as many of the things we learn, we wont ever use again. However, life skills are something that would be needed in everyday life which is why they should be compulsory in schools.