This year has definitely been a crazy one: a global pandemic, remote learning, government restrictions and political uprising around the world. However, as the lockdown regulations eased over the summer it was quite easy to forget about the new rules of 2020. The main question we all have in mind is: what happens next?  


After my first day of school, it became apparent that this would be a new experience. It was different to remote learning; we were back in school, yet it certainly wasn’t the same as pre-COVID school life. Everyone was required to wear face coverings, keep their distance and under no circumstance make contact with others, creating an eerie aura and a layer of disconnect. I had to constantly remind myself that this was for the best and the safety of myself and others, but this nagging, selfish idea of wanting to break the rules and hug my friends was always at the back of my mind.  


By the first couple of weeks, I became more familiar and comfortable with the isolated desks, teacher only zones and year group bubbles - and I came to the realization that this would never be easy or feel right. It’s a strange thing that is happening to all of us: we’ve never experienced anything like this. Life during a pandemic isn’t normal and isn’t going to be, however it's not bad. As long as we all play our part and do our best to stay safe, we can protect each other and help fight the virus. It doesn’t have to be weird we can find ways around it and I can’t help but smile when I see people helping each other- something that is extremely important but easy to forget in a time like this.  


So, the message to take away from this is to stay safe, keep your distance and look after those around you.