On the 16th of November, it is national fast food day.


For many of us, fast food is the epitome of instantaneous satisfaction.Simply the power of being able to order piping hot, perfectly-seasoned french fries within a minute is appealing to anyone...but of course, with great power comes great responsibility.


Much more recently, people have become aware of health issues which can be caused by fast food, such as obesity, heart disease and even early death. 


But even after having such knowledge, why are we so obsessed?


Fast food is convenient. 

Most fast food retailers are open 24/7, meaning that people can order a burger with a side of fries any time of day. Some Mcdonalds branches are even open on Christmas! 


It's everywhere. 

A count in 2017 showed that there are just under 7,000 fast food outlets in south-east England(LG.INFORM.GOV.UK 2017) This means that anyone, anywhere has access to fast food. 


Fast food is cheap. 

Being able to order a full meal for under £5 is attractive to anyone. 

And it’s inexpensive due to retailers purchasing from wholesalers, meaning that they can keep prices low for customers. They also adopt the use of loss leader pricing. 

This is when businesses price their products at a lower price as what it costs to produce them. It may not seem efficient but it does work, because it brings in so many customers. So in the long-run,they are able to make high profits.


It tastes good.

Fast food contains ingredients that are high in both sugars and fats and is the reason for it tasting so good.Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven that when one consumes foods that are high in fat and sugar, one’s cravings for such meals will increase.That may be one of the reasons why 22 million fast-food and takeaways are eaten weekly by adults in the UK (CANCERRESEARCHUK2017)


There is no reason to necessarily stop eating fast food altogether. As long as it is eaten in moderation and not frequently, it's perfectly fine to indulge on your favourite fast food. So enjoy national fast food day, but remember moderation is key!