Currently, there are over 5 million electric vehicles worldwide but with the rapid change the world is going through, it is expected that there will be 4 million EVs in California alone by 2030. However, many people are forced through the threatening of change to follow the trends and many people could be derailed through the purchase of electric cars. According to a new study, the prices of electric cars are currently a massive 81% higher than the average petrol car but the environmental results are correlated as well. We now have to choose: the environment or our cash?


Many people will currently stand on the fence with EVs with the current prices and lack of local charging stations. However, many alternative solutions are being created at this second with solutions driving home onto driveways and local car parks. Despite the research and development going into electric cars and the charging time going down constantly, the range of electric cars is still little and therefore, the market is narrowing down. But why are we sticking with one solution…


Hydrogen power is something that was exhausted in an instant after such colossal debates on the remedy for global pollution exacerbating climate change. Many cars can use pure hydrogen cells to run when mixed with fuel cells and these produce electricity to power the car’s movement and not to forget, the emissions are only water molecules – perfect! Driving range is estimated to be around 100 miles higher for average hydrogen cars compared to electric and the charging time for hydrogen cars is approximately 5-10 minutes. However, if people are looking for efficiency, it is estimated that these FCVs can lose 25% of their electricity making them only 75% fuel efficient. Finally, the destruction point; Hydrogen needs to be put into it s pure form and this requires energy and 95% of the US uses a high-carbon emission process, completely plummeting the sustainability. 


Will any of these vehicles be sustainable or are we planning our own funeral?