The government advised against celebrating Bonfire Night normally this year due to a sudden influx of COVID-19 cases, and yet people still celebrated it with loved ones from other households, making me ask the question- Did Celebrations on Bonfire Night create a skyrocket in Coronavirus cases? 

We all cant deny that we heard fireworks nearby this firework night, you might've even been the one setting them off; yet many new rules restricted what we could do this commemorative night. According to SheffieldCityCouncil on twitter, these rules included:

• Bonfires & firework displays were not allowed in any public setting

• Avoiding bonfires in private gardens

• You couldnt meet with other households indoors or in private gardens

• Fireworks were banned after midnight on Bonfire Night

Despite this, many people disregarded these rules, doing whatever is tradition with their families, creating what seems to be cataclysmic amount of Coronavirus cases. This is shown by there being a jump from 24,138 cases on the 5th of November, to 33,470 cases on the 12th of November, shown by the worldwide Coronavirus case counter on This is over a 9332 case rise, over the span of 1 week. And as COVID-19 symptoms take around 5-7 days to manifest- sourced by, many people mightve been tested positive around the 12th of November- which is when the rise in cases was and coincidently 7 days after Bonfire Night.   

However, this idea can be easily foiled by the fact that the COVID-19 cases are generally rising altogether recently as people become more agitated by the new restrictions/ second lockdown. 

So, what do you think? Do you think Bonfire Night created an immense amount of Coronavirus cases? Or do you think that its all just a hoax?