The benefits of constructing and running the HS2 are believed to have a highly negative impact on global warming. Many have been protesting the construction of the HS2 with fears it will cause severe damage to the environment. 


The high speed 2, also known as the HS2, is a high speed rail line that will supposedly create better links between some of Britain's largest cities. The aim of building this rail line is to create more jobs and increase connectivity across the country. It is expected to cut journey times substantially. However, it comes with many debates on whether the project should be completed. 


There are concerns that the railway cannot be built to its £55.7 billion budget. Instead, reports are suggesting that the final cost of the railway could be up to £85 billion. The increase of price is expected to be due to reasons such as: engineering costs and poor ground conditions.


It has also been suggested that the cost of running these trains were highly underestimated. However, the BBC have speculated that ministers were aware that the HS2 was over budget at least three years ago. 


It is believed that the railway will lead to an increase in carbon emissions which will therefore cause damage to natural ecosystems. Carbon emissions are a contributing factor for global warming and climate change. It has been proven that each emission of carbon dioxide results in the same global temperature increase. 


Many have been protesting the construction of the HS2. Treehouse protestors refused to leave Jones Hill Wood located in Buckinghamshire. The citizens were concerned about losing the woods due to the impact it will have on global warming, but also because the woods were used as an inspiration for Roal Dahl whilst writing a number of his books such as The Fantastic Mr Fox. 


A Green party councillor, Steve Masters, was amongst the treehouse protesters. He had been protesting at the woods for three months with the hope of preventing construction workers from destroying the ‘Ancient Wood.’ 


Citizens and global activists are devastated over the harm the construction of the HS2 is causing to natural environments. The destruction of woodlands has a disastrous impact on animal habitats and the earth. 


The construction of the HS2 and whether it will cause more harm than good is still up for debate and discussion.