Ali Sakallioglu is one of many survival stories in the UK that fought the battle of covid-19. He went through the battle for 7 months; 222 days to be exact.

In late March, 56 year old Ali started to develop symptoms of loss of taste and smell and began having a fever. He knew something wasn't right and suspected that he could have contradicted the virus so he had to do something; isolate. He isolated himself at home for a few days but as his health deteriorated, on the 3rd of April he received the sad but expected news that he had tested positive. Unfortunately, it wasn't long since Ali had to go straight to the hospital and be placed on a ventilator.

The terror didn't finish here as a couple of days later, he was transferred to another hospital to undertake an emergency surgery. At this point, his family were told that they should say their last words to Ali as the doctors didn't believe there was any chance of survival; this happened three times in the space of 3 months.

1st of July. The month began well as he woke up from his induced coma. Ali labelled this moment as 'one of the scariest moments in his life'.

Since he woke up, Ali had to relearn how to walk and speak from scratch like a toddler. 7months after contradicting the virus, Ali lost 16kg and one of the biggest aftermaths was that he had and still has to take 26 pills on a daily basis.

It took him 222 days to test negative but in the end he pulled through and should be an inspiration for many who are having a loved one fighting this battle.

Never stop believing.