Protesters swarm the streets of London in solidarity with those suffering from the ongoing police brutality in Nigeria


Throughout the week beginning the 19th of October -and previous weeks before- protests have taken place at the Nigerian High Commission : Northumberland Ave, Westminster, London, challenging the SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) branch of the Nigerian Police Force established in 1992. Protests have been occurring in Nigerian states of Lagos, Lekki, Warri and many more, however Londoners have also spoken out about the injustices being faced back home.

At the processions, protesters could be seen holding powerful messages displayed on placards, shirts and face coverings; informing outsiders of their cause through chants and speeches using microphones; and also singing native Nigerian songs accompanied by instruments in efforts to unite the crowd – all of which was done peacefully and safely in presence of the pandemic.

Other endeavours to help this cause are also being made in the UK such as petitions -particularly via the website ‘’- asking for government reforms; donations to organisations focussing on the current issue such as the ‘Feminist Coalition’; and the circulation of hashtags such as #ENDSARS #EndpolicebrutalityinNigeria, #SARSmustgo and #SARSmustend across social media sites, educating those who may not be native to Nigeria as well as those who are.

Kemi, a Nigerian born but Kent residing mother expressed that;

'The nigerians abroad desperately need the involvement of the UK as the Nigerian government is harming the citizens of their own country which is unheard of and unacceptable. Nigeria has had a bad government system for many years and it makes me proud to see the youths in London speaking out for them as the youths back in Nigeria have been forcibly silenced'

She had made plans to attend the protest scheduled for Friday the 23rd of October but was unable to due to unforseen circumstances. However, Kemi still continues to support the movement via social media platforms such as Whatsapp and Instagram.

Many British Nigerian celebrities have also spoken out about the matter as they have been affected by the gruesome events occurring in their native countries. Streatham rapper Santan Dave tweeted;

‘They are killing our people. Our hearts are heavy #EndSARS’

expressing his upset at Nigeria’s current state.

Professional British boxer Anthony Joshua also voiced his disapproval at the actions of the SARS police force by tweeting that

‘The violence and killings are horrendous’

along with messages of admiration to the Nigerian citizens speaking up against injustice.

As protests still occur in Nigeria, it is likely that they will also continue in countries across the world and in major cities such as London throughout the forthcoming weeks. Many have been deeply affected as hundreds of innocent lives have been lost in Nigeria and undoubtedly these protests are significant in both British and Nigerian history. London can expect more peaceful protests scheduled for the following weeks as people will continue to address the issues occurring in underprivileged parts of the world, serving as their voice.