Freya Purr Dartford Grammar School for Girls                                                                                      16/10/2020

Capturing Quarantine

The words “global pandemic” and “coronavirus” have become prominent in our vocabulary over the last six months and I am sure you can agree with me when I say they have become rather repetitive. My family and I found various ways to keep ourselves preoccupied including baking and PE with Joe Wicks. A particular interest of mine was photography.

Four years ago, my grandad passed away and my nan gave me his old cannon camera as, in her words, “he would have wanted me to have it”. Upon looking at the last photos he took, I was inspired to take some of my own. On one of the last sunny days in summer, I experimented with light as the sun set and cast glorious orange sunshine through my window. I often see my friend’s hazel eyes glisten in the sun and attempted to capture my own eye in the same fashion (very up close like the vision express poster).

After seven months of unpredictable times and lots of time spent indoors, it was nice to find a new thing to do which was entertaining and kept me occupied for a little while. It boosted my mood and I feel it is beneficial for everyone’s mental health to get involved and try new things during this unprecedented time. Whilst I was merely experimenting and taking photos for fun in lockdown, it is definitely something I would like to continue going forward. I encourage everyone to give it a go and capture a precious moment, whether it be with a camera or mobile phone.