During this extremely challenging and mentally draining period in our modern history, many people are becoming overwhelmed. The Coronavirus lockdown has made it so people cannot receive help or support in their time of need and many others are struggling to pay their bills. This can all become daunting, but as a global community we cannot allow this disease to destroy us. We must come together, support each other and keep a calm, balanced mind in order to defeat this beast. So I will outline the many ways we can ensure a healthy lifestyle during this time.




As a teenager in my most crucial year of education, I understand the feeling that we may never recover from this break in our school life. Despite there being a sufficient amount of work set each day, I still believe that many of us will fall behind and will not achieve our full potential. These are thoughts that have a constant place within my mind but through personal experience I have learned to silence them. Each day I complete the work set and some additional revision exercises, but beyond that I choose to distance myself from all things related to school. I feel as though it is much more beneficial for me to separate my home and school lives or I would become consumed with both at the same time. This method allows me to compartmentalise my thoughts and easily deal with any stress or anxiety that I may be feeling. This may not work for others but this makes me far more productive as I treat everyday as a new beginning.



As previously explained, I have developed my own coping mechanisms, but this is not the only way you can achieve a relaxed mental state. Everyone will feel the success of a different method and I am sure many people have already developed them but in the case that you have not, I will outline some others. An obvious choice is to use exercise as an escape. If a situation out of your control is causing immense stress, then go for a run or practice yoga for a short amount of time. Doing this releases “feel-good” chemicals within your body that help to relieve anxiety and distract your mind from any of these pressing thoughts. Also, a healthy diet can be beneficial for your mental, as well as physical health, much like exercise. Not only will balanced meals ensure your body is at full health and sufficient nutrients, but it also allows your mind to be more tranquil; our bodies work in a more efficient way when they are given healthy foods. These are only two of the many methods you could use but hopefully these can help you to pursue a journey of happiness and health.




As technology advances, ensuring that masses of people have access to help and support will become easier and faster. We can give people the correct information if they are feeling swamped by the stress of working from home or maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family members. This has all become extremely easy and as a nation we can give aid to the people who need it the most. If we come together to fight this disease, we can pull through, stronger, and more willing to adapt and evolve to the situations around us. Will you join the thousands of people within the UK that are coming together to keep our country afloat?