Words are the basis of the connection we have as individuals to the rest of the world. Without words we wouldn’t be able to eat, drink, work or live.  They are the basics of survival. But since words and language  have become such a norm in our lives, we seem to forget the power they hold over it. 

Words can end lives, change lives and save lives. A simple order of words can change a persons whole world. One of them is guilty. Guilty is a 5 letter word that can change everything in that person life in an instant. Either it meaning they go to prison or are in dept to others for what they have done. 

Words are so powerful that a collection of them said to me in a sentence  by my dear friend got me to where I am today. A simple “I believe in you” took me from being a nobody to a somebody. They made me find my-self. These words are the reason i started to take part in activites i loved yet was so scared to join. 

Words are filled with emotions, anger, hate, love, happiness and much more. A hateful word could lead to a person ending their life. A hate word can make a person turn from there kind selves to emotionless shells. 

Anger filled words can end relationships, cause physical pain on to a person and cause a heart attack. A kind word can save a person from falling into a deep never ending hole. A love word can start a new life. Words so small and so weak in our eyes are the ones that actually hold the most power over us. 

A simple 'i love your shirt' could be how two people became insperable. Words help us express our selves. Words let us release emotion, release stress, they break us free from the darkness. 

Its time we realise what the power of words is. Words are so powerful that they can take you from nothing to everything.  A few good words can be the reason you get that job everyones applying for. A few harsh words could end you. So beware and open your eyes to the true power of words. 

Reem Ababtain