Aren’t we all?


No clue.

Well this is what I have been doing. I have been using the amazing thing called the internet to occupy myself. Now it has not been all fun and games, no! But I have been keeping myself busy.

Here are some of the many ways, I have tried to not be lazy and be kind of productive:

1.  There are many open university short courses available online. These range from  one hour up to 24 hours worth of work. At the end of each course you can print out a certificate, which looks great on your CV.

2. Organising. Organise everything: your room, your notes, your books and all those loose sheets of paper you have flying all over your bedroom. There is nothing to pass time like cleaning apparently. I used to hate cleaning, but now I get a sense of satisfaction whenever I walk in and se a neat and tidy room. Odd.

3. This may seem typical and boring and incredibly lame; it may also sound like the classic last generation advice but…


Trust me, there I nothing more fulfilling than being transformed to the magical land of a well-written book, rather that living in the current dreary reality.

And lastly.

4. Do some gardening. Gardening helps clean the soul and clear your mind. It also helps nature, fresh oxygen and all that jazz. But mostly it gives you a sense of satisfaction and serenity.

Hope this article gave you a few, if not entirely new, ideas to leave your boredom behind and embrace our new, weird lifestyles.

And that is all for now folks, hope to see you soon.

xoxo Sanchana Hiththatiyage, Farringtons School