During the time of COVID-19, a lot of media has been putting emphasis on productivity during lockdown. Many have been saying that we should be using this time well: getting those books read, complete that project, bring up those grades. Without the distractions, many of us might have a lot more time to do those things but should we really be listening to that pressure? Some days it may feel especially difficult to be productive due to the unprecedented situation we are now in and the constant pressure to use this time productively would be doing more harm than good. The current pandemic could actually be classified as a social trauma, so it is more important than ever that we take care of our mental health. Taking breaks, getting exercise and doing activities you enjoy are all just as important, if not more, as getting things done. If productivity is helpful and lessens your stress that is great, but if not, do not let it add to the anxiety of the current situation.

I asked Year 12 student, Emily Hasling how she felt about the insistence on productivity and she said that she had also “felt pressured to be productive to a certain degree by the media and people I know” but the stress “ultimately isn’t necessary on top of having to teach myself content for school”. In reality, a lot of people do not have that extra time to learn a new hobby or get in shape as many responsibilities have been shifted online for work and school. Miss Hasling stated that she realised “being productive isn’t always going to be easy in times of such uncertainty” while some may work well under stress, others don’t, and it is important to remember that as Miss Hasling said “Whoever you are, you’re doing just fine.” Ultimately, ensure you are still doing things you enjoy and do not overwork yourself purely because of media pressure.

By Sadie Saunder