Fed up of being stuck at home in this quarantined period? Ever wanted to travel the world? Race across the World, a series aired on BBC 2, offered us the chance to travel across South America as we watched 5 couples embark on the adventure of a lifetime. 

The 5 pairs begin in Mexico City and have to hike to Ushuaia (the most southerly country in the world before Antarctica) stopping at various checkpoints along the way. The groups have to travel without stepping on a plane with only £1,453 - the cost of a one way flight to a South American country. 

Throughout the series, the contestants grow as people and gain better relationships with the people they went with. 

Firstly, siblings Dom,22, and Lizzie, 21. The brother and sister duo from Yorkshire entered the competition wishing to rebuild the close bond they used to have as children before they drifted apart as teenagers. 

Next, is mother and son duo Jo and Sam. 30 years ago, Jo went on a backpacking holiday. Now, in her 50s, she wants her son, who has ADHD, to have the same experience. 

Michael, 47, and Shuntelle, 40, have been together for three years but do not currently live together and so the race was a chance to spend more time together. Michael is an ex-military man used to the outdoors whereas Shuntelle, usually prefers high class all inclusive holidays so this will be a time for her to step out of her comfort zone. 

Married couple, Jen and Rob, from Reading, also took part wishing to rebuild their relationship after a life changing experience. Rob suffered from Cholesteatoma as a child which is an abnormal collection of cells which left him deaf in one ear. During an operation to remove the disease though, he also lost all of the hearing in his “good ear” so now relies on his weak ear which has just 20 percent of hearing.

The final team is uncle and nephew, Emon and Jamiul. After being isolated from his wider family, Emon had spent a decade apart from his nephew but was reunited during a family wedding three months before the race. They want to take on the difficult journey together to help rebuild the close relationship they used to have. 

After a couple of months of travelling and experiencing many extraordinary places such as the Rainbow mountain, salt lakes and deserts, Emon and Jamiul manage to beat Jen and Rob in a sprint finish by seconds. They win the prize money of £20,000 of which they are going to donate half of to South American charities. 

This was a very enjoyable series and it was a real eye opener to the many beautiful places in South America that one could visit. And is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about the world.