With the National League announcing that the 2019-2020 season has been cancelled, can this act as a stepping stone for Bromley?

The last few months have been exceptionally disappointing for fans that turn up at Hayes Lane week in week out, with a deadly pandemic to top it all off. The start to the season was arguably the best the club had ever done in its 128 year history, but after Christmas it fell apart. The club went winless in 2020 for a couple of months and the departure of Reeco Hackett-Fairchild left a void in the club. We lacked creativity and the tactics stopped working, mid-table clubs went to our ground looking likely to win and the fans seemed defeated before the game kicked off. Shouts of ‘Smudger out’ had separated the fanbase and the place was a huge mess just before Chorley cancelled the first game to be abandoned due to a player showing symptoms.

But this large break in play is arguably what the club needs right now. An event like this, although financially it can heavily damage at a club at this level, it can provide a good couple of months for the club to regroup its ideas and tactics to ensure that the 2020-2021 season won’t repeat the mistakes made in the last few months. It would do the club a world of good if the senior staff take advantage of the situation we are in now, scouting players and also finding financial initiatives that can take Bromley FC from a non-league side to a firm competitor in England’s professional divisions.

There will still be a long wait until the players and coaching staff can actively engage and train together, but behind the scenes there is a massive opportunity for the club to move ahead of the others before the first ball of the 2020/2021 season is kicked. Leo Walton STOGS