Due to our current situation of lockdown and social distancing, virtually everyone is missing out on an activity, experience, or hobby that they had been looking forward to or actively preparing for. While some activities are practically impossible to partake in at home or online, theatre lovers have been graced with multiple productions being streamed online for free, to be enjoyed within the comfort of one’s own home. Not only have the National Theatre been streaming plays that change every week (currently Twelfth Night, available until Thursday 30th April), but the Globe Theatre are currently streaming their 2009 production of the world-renowned play Romeo & Juliet, available to watch on YouTube until Sunday 3rd May. Seeing as, under normal circumstances, I would currently be frantically revising Romeo & Juliet as a part of my English Literature GCSE, I chose to watch and review the production as a way to nicely round off my time spent with the much-celebrated play.


Needless to say, the production of Romeo & Juliet was fantastic- not only was the quality of acting superb, but the attention paid to the costumes and sets did not go unnoticed. Directed by Dominic Dromgoole, the play follows two lovers and their different worlds, exploring the complications and consequences of their forbidden love. It stars Adetomiwa Edun as Romeo and Ellie Kendrick as Juliet, and both actors portrayed likeable yet passionate depictions of their characters. In fact, it is undeniable that every actor featured in the production was excellent- watching the play was just like being whisked back to Tudor England, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


The play was accompanied by era-appropriate music that enforced certain moods and themes, and beautifully intricate, eye-catching costumes that enhanced the experience even more. Of course, the theatre itself played a key role- taking place in the Globe Theatre, the audience gain insight into how the play might have been performed during Shakespeare’s own lifetime, making the experience even more fascinating and pleasurable. Due to the Globe Theatre’s temporary closure, they are in need of generosity more than ever, and are currently taking donations on their website. Overall, I would thoroughly recommend watching this play while it is still available to stream, in particular to any other Year Elevens whose time with the play has been suddenly cut short by coronavirus.