On saturday 29th of February a beautiful event light opia withheld in Chiswick London. I got to attend this magnificent event along with my two closest friends. Chiswick light was truly one to remember. Even with the bone chilling winter weather, the event was still fantastic! Especially for friends and families. At the entrance a beautiful display of artistic sculptures were wrapped in colourful LED lights bringing it into life, the view was so pleasing it made you gaze in awe and it was only the beginning. As you go further into the pathway entrance beautiful sculpted flowers and numbers lead the way counting down slowly till the very start of the stunning maze. Sculptures varied from Disney characters to small animals were littered around. The brightness of the lights contrasted the darkness of the sky blocking away the gloomy night. You couldn’t walk a minute without stopping to take more pictures of each an every sculpture as it was so intriguing and a breath of fresh air. A beautiful dance floor stopped me completely, I can say that for me that was the highlight of the event. The dance floor was surrounded with lit up gate like arches and soft music to match the mood. Standing in the middle I felt as if I was a princess. Many cameras clicked as smiles surrounded the place. After the dance floor a striking garden of lit up rose sculptures was laid out. The place felt so alive. The Cupid and heart sculptures showed that this was the theme of the garden of love. The visuals weren’t the only amazing thing about the event but also the selection of foods and drinks they had. The hot chocolate stand in particular is not one to be skipped, I can honestly say it was most probably the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted. After all the beautiful experiences there’s only one right way to end this event and that is the long light tunnel or in other words the tunnel of happiness. It is said that who ever goes through this tunnel feels instant joy and I can assure u that it indeed did give me instant joy. I highly recommend going to visit this beautiful light event as it was one of a kind. 


Reem Ababtain