Why you should do the young reporters’ scheme-Hannah Sterling LPGS

Ever taken an interest in writing, ever had ambitions of becoming a journalist? Or do you just want a poignant additive to your CV? This scheme has not only opened my eyes wide to awareness of local current affairs but has also boosted my skills by exercising a different format of writing: article writing. This style plays a very significant role in today’s society with a large spectrum of opinions as to whether the media’s journalists reports are moral and necessary. This experience really plummets you into the centre of the argument putting you in the shoes of a journalist and presents the choices you personally withhold in deciding what to write about and how you choose to portray an event.

Personally, as a year 10 GCSE student, I found this scheme very intriguing and enjoyable. Not to mention, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how little time consumptive it’s been. To begin with I was expecting this to be very monotonous and chore-like however it rolled out quite the opposite, it’s been a somewhat peaceful retreat from my general work and a new access to express myself through writing. I was even lucky enough to win an article of the week at Christmas time and highlight wonderful things my local community has been involved in which is a factor of this scheme I’m tremendously grateful for.

There were many other students who took part in this scheme and it proved a very popular throughout the year group. Here are some other accounts of how they found it. 

 Aishwarya Khadka: My teacher, Mr green, offered the opportunity to several of us and recommended strongly we join. However, I was sceptical, but a good friend of mine entered me in on my behalf without my initial knowledge, to which I am very grateful.

Sadie Saunder: Well originally I found it quite daunting and struggled to know what to do, but as I wrote more it got easier and more enjoyable. It taught me some valuable skills and showed some insight for me into journalism. I’m glad I did it and I feel it gave me some valuable experience