Feminism is: “the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”. Some people believe that it  goes too far when it demands equity instead of equality - to which I agree. But i can only speak for myself when saying that most people believe in the history of feminism but, not the feminism of today.


It was categorised into three “waves” throughout history:

The first wave of feminism took place during the late 19th and early 20th century , it mainly focused on the right to vote. The second wave was during the 1960’s and 70’s. This is also known as the women’s liberation movement for equal legal and social rights. This was mainly based in America and aimed for women to have equal opportunities and greater personal freedom. Then the third wave took place during the 1990’s - demonstrating that race, ethnicity, class religion and nationality are all significant on the topic of feminism.


A lot of you may not know this - but the history of feminism has actually been a benefactor for all sexes.

For example - it gave our economy a huge, long lasting boost. This is because during the second world war in particular, when the first wave of feminism was over. The majority of men who met the requirements to go to war went. This meant that women stepped up to work in factories and other jobs that were male dominated. This helped reach more equality in the workplace and once war was over - both men and women were working across the UK - which in result, meant that the economy thrived once rationing was over and England had fully recovered from the effects of war. Also, it reduced unemployment by 14% and before the economic boom, it increased the economy of the UK by 8%.


Of course I believe that feminism is an important movement - but how far is too far? 

 Towards the end of 2018,  A Female Russian student poured bleach between men’s legs on a train for manspreading . She had never met any of these men but somehow felt entitled because she is a “feminist”. May I remind you that the definition of feminism is to reach equality of all genders. Not to threaten other people or physically harm them. This person took it upon herself to Burn men’s groins with bleach because of the way they were sitting on a train. I know that manspreading is a particularly controversial topic, especially in the feminist community. But the student obviously committed this act for her own satisfaction. Realistically speaking, these people aren’t hurting anyone, however, this feminist was. Feminists cannot expect to uphold a good reputation if they harm other people. It’s a double standard. Now this is where the line begins to blur between equity and equality. This is where feminism is taken too far.


Additionally - Feminists can be seen as a community of women who believe in the same principals, in this case, the equality of all genders, after all, that is a part of the definition of feminism. But were you aware that actually a lot of feminists are transphobic? This is because a lot of feminists believe that those who are transgender get an instant change or gain in respect because they have transitioned to a different gender a. Can we all take a moment to realise the double standard carved out for feminists here. How can a group of people, who are notorious for being radical and violent in order to achieve their goals, discriminate a community of people who are transgender. The transgender community is not accepted within society as it is . Blowing out someone’s candle will not make yours shine any brighter. Feminist’s do not have the right to discriminate against a community, very much like their own, and then expect to be favoured and accepted in society.



Now - let me show you the double standards that have been introduced because of feminism. James Bond. A British franchise. But whether you enjoy it or not James Bond has always been male - I mean surely thats obvious isn't it? It,s in the title. but its only within the past few years,its been pushed by feminists, that James Bond should be female - because it shows diversity and equality. And somehow all of those who believe that James Bond should be left as a male franchise are sexist.But on the other hand, reversing the matter, it would be ridiculed and  unacceptable to have men playing iconic female roles.   The feminist’s goasl are apparently to reach equality for all sexes. Then women fight for situations like this and are surprised to face misogyny. It’s a blatant double standard but feminist choose to brush this aside and proceed to demand niceties, not nescessities. 


I personally know a feminist,  and I asked her about feminism - to which she said to me - “If you’re not feminist, you’re sexist”. Is it just me or do you notice that everybody has to have a label? If you're not a feminist - you’re sexist, or if youre man who is not a feminist, you hate women. Perhaps our problem doesn’t lie with “feminists” or “sexists”  - but maybe it’s the labels we put on eachother and the stigma around these labels that caused the hatred between each other.


On the topic of labels - we all, collectively, have to realise that no matter what your beliefs are, at the end of the day, we have to accept other people for even if we don’t agree with their beliefs - and I find peculiar that there are people laughing and joking about feminists and being abusive when 62 million women nare denied education across the globe. 


Overall, I believe that the history of feminism was vital for women to be as far as they are to this day. However, I think that if feminists fought for what was really important such as closing the pay gap and ensuring that all girls across the world have access to education - the would be taken more seriously and ridiculed less. This would, as a result, destroy the stigma around feminism.