Will life return back to normal?


No one is certain on what life will truly be like once the coronavirus pandemic is over but it is certain that life won’t return back to normal straight away.


The government didn’t expect that coronavirus would become such an issue that it would have to put the country to a halt and now they don’t how long it will take for everything to go back to how it was before. It is said that life won’t return to normal until 2021 and that social distancing restrictions will most likely be kept until the end of the year.


The economy of the country will also take some time to get back on track as this pandemic has caused a lot of money to be lost as well as jobs. Millions of people have been left jobless and will possibly find it hard to find jobs once the lockdown is over.


Many people want life to return back to normal but that can’t happen unless a vaccine is developed or the number of deaths and confirmed cases becomes low. It takes about 18 months to develop a vaccine but with the pressure of the economy falling and people wanting to leave their homes it is a race against time to get a vaccine. That is why it is possible that everything could be better by the new year.


However, studies show that only 9% of Britons want life to return back to normal. The lockdown has shown many people a new way of life. People are learning new skills, having more time to themselves and are able to spend more time with family and are seeing how much they take things for granted. 


What is important now is for everyone to try and stay at home and only go out when necessary. The more people who stay at home the earlier the lockdown will lifted and you will also be saving lives and helping the NHS.

By Femi Adesegun