How did Covid-19 push forward the development of education?


We all heard of Covid-19 and the lockdown that we are in because of it. Unfortunately, lots of lives has been lost because of this virus, rest in peace. However, this lockdown had big impacts on topic like global warming, jobs, and education. Lets looks at education closely.


Throughout the years starting from 1900’s a lot of things changes and developed: cars; technology; medicine and e.g. However, one of the few things that did not change is the education. It is the structure, you just sit in classroom and read books, but maybe it is time for change.



Obviously, there have been some change, with the usage of some technology in classes, but maybe we can go further, and this lockdown showed that you can learn in a very different way than typical school way. Maybe we can alternate between going to school in some days and learning from home some days or even just completely change the system of education and countries like UK have the facilities to do that.


Now, as the time goes, we will see how and where the education system will shift and change, and hope it is going to be better.