The simple answer is, no one knows. For many people, if not everyone, this thought will be scary. It’s the fear of the unknown and whilst we can predict when we’ll be given some sense of freedom again, there is no confirmed time yet. The media continue to speculate as to when this lockdown will end but even though restrictions might be lifted soon, social distancing measures could be around for a while longer. The most important thing to remember is that these measures are to keep us safe and to prevent the further spread of the virus.

It is frightening, not knowing when you’ll be able to return to school and meet up with your friends. Your mental health really is the main priority at the moment and there are many ways to stop it overwhelming you:

  • Make a list of all the things you want to do when the lockdown is over. This could be to go shopping in London with your friends or going somewhere else that you’ve always wanted to go. You can look through old photos to remind yourself that life isn’t always like this.
  • Don’t constantly look at the news. The statistics of the number of coronavirus deaths and cases is large, and it can be scary because currently it is increasing every day. If you do want to look at the news read the positive stories which are out there, many people do recover.
  • Take your mind off it, face time friends, watch Netflix or go for a walk. Do some yoga or meditation, there are many apps and videos online.
  • Know that this will end. No matter when that is, it will end, and we will all be able to go out as we did before. We will all go back to school and go to work; we will be able to meet up with friends at the weekend and go on holiday.There are many scientists working hard to create a vaccine and they are continuing to find out new things about the virus everyday which is really useful to help find a way to reduce the affect of the disease.

Emma Knight