A lot of people are wondering what will be the case once this is over? Will everyone move ahead with a year of their lives ? Or will life return back to normal ?

My mother is a NHS nurse and I can assure you that in her 25 years plus of working for the NHS, she has never received as much recognition, as she has during this pandemic. What does this show about human nature ? As selfish as we are, we don’t appreciate people unless it suits us and when their praise will benefit us this is evidently the case in the UK. Our NHS provide a world class health care system that I believe, no other country can compare with. Why must it take a pandemic, to make us appreciate those who get us by in our everyday lives ? The same applies to teachers ,who play one of  the most important roles in our society. 

The response from the government has shown that in desperate times, the government can and will make do of situations. Why don’t we have services that help the elderly regularly? Why wasn’t there a hospital built to release the pressure off the NHS staff, and create safer working conditions ? Why weren’t our government as concerned about the food NHS staff from all ranks receive, and the amount of hours they work ? Some of these concepts have been tackled in this pandemic. For example, the ealderly and vulnerable have their food delivered to them voluntarily. A new hospital was built within weeks to create more space to treat patients. And times for NHS staff have been set, so they can get enough food to supply them for the day. But these were all issues before this pandemic, will the government revoke these acts after the pandemic. If this is the case, what will this say about our government ? Should it even be a possibility ? No. As a nation we should appreciate our civil servants, we should ensure that those that play an enormous role in our lives are consistently known they’re of value. 

If there’s one good thing that’s come from this virus, it’s love and appreciation, don’t let that fade. You’ll never know when you’ll need those you neglect the most.