What to do during quarantine?     

First of all, we should remember that even though we are in quarantine, the lock down will eventually finish, and we need to do the exams, therefore do not to do school work and keep up with all your subjects courses.

Use the time for your own health. As, you are at home all the time, it does not mean you cannot work out and stay fit. There are lots of great indoor exercises. This would be a very useful and productive way of spending time.

Communicate. Even though we are all indoors, it does not mean you cannot speak with friends and family. Call your family and friends, Face Time, Zoom or what ever you like and support them as well as having fun and having. Some form of communication with others could really help you stay less lonely.

Stay positive. These are very hard times, that every one of us is going through. Please follows all the WHO instructions on how to keep yourself safe as well as other, but also try to keep the positive mindset.