Things to do in quarantine 

In this difficult time everyone is extremely worried about their physical health, so we are being forced into quarantine. We need to remember that in this situation there is nothing we can do other than stay inside and if you do have to leave make sure to keep clean. We are all stuck in our own company for a while so we might as well make the most of it and do things that are useful and beneficial to our mental and physical health.


ACTIVITY ONE: Watch a bad movie

We could all do with a bit of laughter at the moment and nothing makes me laugh more than a terrible film. You can find many wonderfully bad films for free on youtube. Some great examples of bad movies are; The Room, Cats, Furby island, clue, G force and alpha and omega.


ACTIVITY TWO: Learn an instrument (only if its available in your home)

For some playing an instrument can be extremely therapeutic so if your neighbours don’t mind (or you hate them) give an instrument another go. You never know you might have an undiscovered talent!


ACTIVITY THREE: decorate the house

Do you have a room in the home that desperately needs sorting out? Well you’re stuck at home now so you might as well change it up a bit! The change in the home and added organisation will give you much needed satisfaction and make you feel a lot more comfortable in your home


ACTIVITY FOUR: Just dance! 

At the moment we can only leave the house once a day for exercise so Just Dance is a fun, easy and free alternative. If you have a wii you can play competitively but if you don’t have a wii you don’t have to miss out because you can watch videos of the just dance games and simply follow the steps. This is fun for the entire family and its great exercise!


ACTIVITY FIVE: do something artistic

We all own a pen and some paper, watch instruction videos on the internet to teach yourself how to draw something. If drawing isn’t your thing maybe buy an embroidery kit from amazon and start on decorating some of your old dull clothes. This is extremely therapeutic and you get a brand new wardrobe out of it!