Since products have started to  developed, from cosmetics to washing products, animals have been tested on. Why is this so wrong? How can we stop? And how to know what companies are testing on animals.

I feel so passionate about this topic after finding out that so many brands that people use everyday continue to test on animals to this day. And I believe that having my own pets made me realise that its creatures like my dog that are abused and mistreated over animal testing and cruelty, so abolishing animal testing ensures that all animals, such as the ones we keep as pets are all as safe as possible.

According to the BBC, mice, dogs, cats, rabbits are the animals that get tested on mainly - however this does not mean that they are the only ones. This is morally wrong because for example - if a company were to test a shampoo or body product on one of these creatures, not only does it make these animals uncomfortable - but if the company is not successful in formulating the product correctly, it can be detrimental to an animals health. For example, a company that makes hair removal solutions and is not cruelty free will use a wax strip or hair removal cream to an animal with hair, which is actually abusive as not only does it put these creatures in severe discomfort, but it also takes away their coat, which they need, especially in winter.

Also, I believe that it is worth mentioning that is things such as hunting, shooting, dog fighting and other cruel animal sports have been banned, but why is animal testing and cruelty still legal if these other things are not? If a company is creating a product for humans, it should be testing on humans. Animal testing is actually removing rights from these animals, although they do not have a voice, we can speak for them by trying to abolish animal testing across the world.

If you want to know if a company tests on animals, it is important to look for a small bunny on the packaging of the product, The bunny means that the product is cruelty free. A Brand who is a strong advocate for abolishing animal testing is Lush Cosmetics, and the bunny is on every single one of their products. Also, if you are still unsure, you can search it up on your phone to find out whether they are cruelty free or not. If possible, stop buying from companies that test on animals to ensure that we are endorsing those to are not cruel to animals.

Grace Whittley

Hundred of Hoo Academy