In 2017 found there were over 2,000 UK food banks, they are something that people in poverty often rely on to get their meals each night. Statistics show a rapid increase in the number of people who use food banks each year which means they are struggling to provide for everyone who has signed up at them. The food bank network helps people break out of poverty and rise up to be able to eventually help others.

This is why we as a country need to start donating more food to those who need it even the smallest amount of food could change the way someone spends their night. Food banks rely on the local community to help as they aren't given enough money to feed as many people as they have. This could include; churches, schools, local businesses and supermarket donation points.

In school in religious, we have been studying food banks and the effect they have on people, this is why as a class we decided to make the effort to bring together as much food as we could to donate to a local food bank. We ended up collecting over a table full of food which was taken over later that night. As a class, we learnt about the journey that people in need take to get themselves out of poverty. We also learnt that a lot of people who use food banks feel embarrassed to have to use them, especially people in a more wealthy area of the country where it is a lot less common for people to be facing poverty. In my opinion, no one should be judged for this because a lot of the time it is not their fault that they are in this situation and it may happen to any one of us.