Less than a week ago the government revealed its ongoing works to refurbish the Queen’s home, but there has been a backlash over social media as it was revealed to have cost over £369 million.

Many people have shown their anger over Twitter and Instagram as they feel that such a large sum of money is going to waste. The country has many problems to fix and the taxpayers that have been complaining may have every right to do so. They feel that in a country where the NHS is horribly underfunded, knife crime rates are soaring and mental health facilities aren’t getting enough exposure, it is criminal to be spending that fee on one building. Every day the Royal Family get criticised by members of the public due to their sheer wealth and status compared to the average UK citizen and although they bring in millions due to tourism (particularly from Asian countries), it is a strong held belief that the Royal Family don’t deserve to get that much money when the rest of the country has its fair share of financial problems to deal with. You have to question the government- is it worth spending £369 million of the money taxpayers pay to renovate one royal building?

My opinion is that it certainly isn’t worth it. Some people don’t understand how much that is, and I would understand if a couple million is used to refurbish the building now and then to keep it looking perfect on the stamps and in pictures, but here are some figures to show you what you can get for £369 million.

Around 750 two bedroom houses in Bromley

One year’s wage for 16,043 more nurses on the NHS wage bill

61,500 multifunctional hospital beds

The money that is being drained into shiny new walls in Buckingham Palace that aren’t even accessible to anyone outside the top top government officials and royal family members could positively impact so much to the public. It is astounding to think of how much that could do to one city/town’s homelessness problems and to the people really struggling for a job or with money. So many sectors are underfunded due to the ridiculous spending that takes place in the Royal family and it is shocking to see that they haven’t seen the consequences of their actions yet especially in London. Knife crime and Grenfell Tower are the victims of the regal regime that has brainwashed too many people into giving the Queen 775 shiny new rooms, in which if she wants to see all of them she’ll have to use a mobility scooter. This system that gives the Royals anything they want needs change.