Teenage Angst and the best films of the 1980s

The British teenager. Rude, selfish, no manners, unoriginality, boring. Those are a couple of words I think the older generation refer to us teenagers by, when teenagers in 2020 are much rather changing themselves into what the older generation once used to be. Throwing it back to the 1980s, the world was much rather different, one which I, as well as many other teens wished we were in. Born in the wrong generation you may say… Everything about the 1980s draws teenagers in; its colour, style, atmosphere and music. Much as social media plays a huge part today, despite it being positive or negative, a lot of the time I wished I did not have the ability to have a phone. The wonders without it is appealing to many angsty teenagers in our time today!

Everywhere are throwbacks to the solid age of the 80s: vintage clothes shop surround south east London, inspiring many by its prices and unique style. Moreover, we can download as much 80s music as our hearts desire and are even influenced by artists today who are heavily bringing the pop sound into their songs today. Many teenagers are experiencing ‘teenage angst’ right now, the feelings of being alone, anxious and angry in our society. Henceforth, the reason why many of us want to escape to the delights of the 1980s, which I would much believe is not the opinion of many previous people who experienced our desire.

1980s movies have created a world in teenagers heads, different for all but where they truly feel they will fit into. The 80s was one of the best years for filmmakers, and created some truly great, influential masterpieces. Here are some iconic, teen movies of the 1980s, which have changed teenagers’ viewpoints on life.

• Stand by me

• The Breakfast Club

• Sixteen Candles

• Pretty in Pink

• The Outsiders

• E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

• Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

• Back to the future

• Footloose

• Dirty dancing

• The Lost Boys

• Dead Poets Society

And many more films to experience. However, if you’re feeling the dreaded teenage angst then go and indulge in one of these beautifully, mind changing films.