Every year on the 14th of February thousands of people declare their love in the name of Valentine’s Day. Now I’m sure that some people like the bizarre tradition of giving a loved one a box of tiny pathetic chocolates with a bit of glittery cardboard on the side to show their love but on the most part Valentine’s Day traditions are just done because of societal peer pressure.

Card companies thrive on Valentine’s Day to the expense of hundreds of thousands of trees, and for something that you look at for half a second and then mindlessly toss in the trash it seems like a bit of a waste. 

Valentines Days negative effect on the environment isn’t the only problem. Valentine’s Days worrying affect on children is also an issue. Valentine’s Day and sending a Valentine’s Day cards was so popular in the Victorian era that the postmen sending these cards were given a special allowance to bring  refreshments with them on the three days leading up to the 14th and so the mass-produced card was born. unlike today though the festival  was a lot more light hearted and a lot less sexual. Today Valentine’s Day is a whole lot more sexual yet young kids are getting involved! Children are still young and we all know how cruel kids can be and Valentine’s day brings out this love for bullying and childish taunting in kids more than anything else. How is a child supposed to feel if their friend gets 10 Valentines and they get none? Its just a cruel popularity contest.

Another issue with this “romantic” festival is that it’s a huge waste of money. Surely have you have bigger things to worry about than buying a tacky card for your partner? unfortunately you feel that you have to purchase these wasteful useless bits of card covered in glitter and hearts because society tells you that you should. 

Really what’s the point?

So next year on the 14th of February I implore you to do nothing. Everyday should be about spreading love and happiness. Do you seriously need a tacky commercialised day to tell you that?

Spread love every day not just on Valentine’s Day.