Desperate to peruse the world of vintage and quirk but suspended in a strange limbo of is it too far, where am I going, what am I searching for?

Have you spent many a minute ponderous over whether or not it’s worth traipsing into east London for some cool meals, thrifted clothes and photos? Or are you wondering where all your friends are taking their cool graffiti-wall-as-a-background snapchat stories ? Well look no farther, and if any of the above apply, I urge you read on. I present, my beginners guide to a teen friendly day in the east!

To begin, it would be logical to start at a central London terminal and grab anything you need for the busy day - water, a topped-up oyster card, cash on hand just in case of emergency. Then hop on the quickest tube or train to Liverpool street station.

Next, from here, your best friend is Google Maps, or a phone screenshot of the buses into brick lane. Brick lane is a perfect introduction into the East End and a suitable spot for all of your quirky needs. The street is famously saturated with vintage sellers, ranging from overpriced (so be careful) to dirt cheap! Walking along the winding lane, it’s vital to check every shop; hidden gems are tucked away in the psychedelic- coloured corners of nearly all of the shops. Thrifting, as branded by teens is sustainable, trendy and affordable - this appeal is accompanied by the sheer excellence of having a unique item! Don’t be fooled by a shabby shop front- your NO.1 item is waiting for you. Commonly missed is Brick Lane Vintage Market; there is a brimming cavern of colours, shoes, painted jackets, handmade jewellery and trinkets. Sunglasses: Galore.News Shopper: A snap of a massive vinyl record shop in Brick Lane Vintage MarketA snap of a massive vinyl record shop in Brick Lane Vintage Market

Once you’ve browsed and tried on enough clothes to have a sufficient store of mirror selfies on your phone, you may be feeling peckish. Now you have multiple options for dining. Feeling spicy? Go trademark brick lane and tuck into a curry house classic. Vegan? Go hunting for one of the many plant-based burger joints, such as ‘SMPLCTY’ burgers, or the many stalls in the side markets. At SMPLCTY I had an excellent burger made purely from fermented vegetables (much nicer than it sounds), and an extremely generoushelping of chips. Or if you are searching for the optimum insta-story worthy picture spot- be bold and try the Cereal Killer Cafe. They have over 180 cereals and an edgy pop-culture themed interior, with beds as seats and neon lights on the walls. What more could you want?News Shopper: Cereal Killer CafeCereal Killer Cafe

Now you are well fed, take a browse of the infamous street art - and bring a friend to take pictures of you! It’s certainly unique, so bring a camera. As you walk along, don’t forget to stop at the adorable stall near the Truman brewery selling hundreds of fantastically weird earrings and patches.News Shopper: SunglassesSunglasses

Finally, if you have had your fill of Brick Lane, once again draw out your Google Maps and wander over the Spitalfields market, full of handmade craft. You can find their beautiful jewellery and perfect gift options. Or if you’re all citied out, take a 12-minute stroll again to St Dunstan’s in the East - the abandoned church swallowed by greenery - a spot of utmost serenity. it’s an unmissable, stunning spot to take a break.

Whatever the weather, there are a million possibilities in East London, and it certainly worth a treacherous travel. I hope that after reading, you will now all be filled with a new vigour to explore. Have fun!