The lovely location of the Pawleyne Arms pub in Penge has been targeted again for the second time. A man, who is currently still not identified, stole from the donation pot in the pub which was accumulating funds for the charity Alex TLC. 


Alex TLC is supporting those who are affected by a genetic leukodystrophy and was established in 2004.


The crime was committed on Saturday 19th January. If anyone has any information at all, you can contact the police on 101 using the crime reference 330134/20.


Alex TLC has currently raised £62 pounds back from the stolen donations off their Facebook page and aims to make back the robbed funds. 


Previously the Pawleyne Arms charity pot has been stolen from but the man was caught and is serving time in jail. Similarly, these crimes have been committed around South London. Another case was from the Bricklayers Arms in Bromley in July of 2019. Stealing charity donations is happening more regularly and might be something for the police and pubs to become more aware of. 


By Amy Clarke