January complete, have you remained loyal to your new year’s resolution? Hannah Sterling LPGS

Every year we see this morale idea and proposal of setting news goals and striving to do extraordinary things. But is it all the pleasant tradition it seems? Or is it just the media catching opportunity, of people’s innocent determination to attempt their targets and aspirations, and manoeuvring this yearly regime into a substantial cash income?

During recent years, you may have noticed companies seizing the chance of launching new products over the course of the new year’s period as it will draw a large number of customers in. Why is this you may ask? Well it appears as though the majority of everyone’s personal ambitions have changed completely. From once trying to learn a new skill or attend the gym more frequently, an additional requirement feels necessary to us nowadays: buying the latest equipment! Some could argue that it gives self esteem its vital push in order to maintain and keep this goal set in mind; though personally I feel it is a case of us using an excuse to swerve the idea of keeping a resolution as well as bargaining some new flashy items to showcase to our friends and family so we can praise ourselves for owning the gadgets rather than boasting about achieving difficult goals that bring the best out of us.  

I can’t count the number of advertisements I have seen on TV, social media and on billboards persuading me and others around the world to buy a gym membership, buy sporting clothes, buy fitness apps, modern vegan diet plans etc. Looking back upon this month I’ve come to a realisation new year’s resolutions aren’t all about staying in shape. Why don’t we have advertisements perhaps educating us on mental health, discrimination as it’s not always the money that matters ,nor the idyllic super fit body, don’t you agree since the new decade has dawned upon us we should now strive to raise awareness about situations others around us are going through and try to help people as much as possible? It’s of course deemed acceptable to aim to improve ourselves but imagine the difference it would make if we made resolutions to help people, wouldn’t there be a more impactful effect on society?

It’s feels amazing to be complimented and helped by people around you, it’s more rewarding to compliment and to help people around you. So, if you’re like the many who have set their new year’s resolutions as a way to help themselves, why not set a new one this month to accompany treating yourself, by aiming to be kind and help others around you however that may be.   

Hannah Sterling LPGS