Are Teens Addicted To Tik Tok?

Many of us have heard or even have the worldwide hit sensation app Tik Tok. It is common to now to see people doing a few dances here and there from the platform or even hear people singing the songs that have grown popular on the app. However, with the app comes addiction or so us young people say but the question is though are we addicted or do we just spend too much time on it?


Tik Tok which is formerly known as (musically) was created by a Beijing based company called ByteDance in 2017. It has risen in fame among the years and is now one of the most popular and profited apps. It has over a billion downloads and is widely known among teenagers and young adults. It is a network where you can create and share videos with your friends. 


To young people, it is seen as a form of entertainment. Since you can watch videos of people dancing, singing, showcasing talents and making funny jokes. Whatever it is people end up scrolling for hours on end watching all these clips as well as learning new dance trends. These are some of the fundamental reasons why young people are so attracted to this app.


I asked a few teenagers, that have Tik Tok, what their views are on the app and if they feel they are addicted to it or if they just spend too much time on the app. Most responses were of them saying that they don’t feel addicted but do spend a lot of time on it. “I’m not addicted but it does take up a lot of my time,” Leila Margeison responded when I asked her if she felt addicted. Another response was also similar when I asked what their time habits are on the app.“ I spend too much time on it,” Jasmine Tarasiuk replied to the question.


Overall, it comes down to the person and their habits on whether they are addicted to the app or spend a lot of time on the app. Some may say they are addicted but spend roughly less than three hours a day on the app. Whilst others may say they only go on it whenever they feel like it. Many young people enjoy the app and spend a lot of their time on it but don’t know if they are addicted or have too much time to spare sometimes.

By Femi Adesegun