We live in a diverse society. A society where we are all different. A society where we have the liberty to express ourselves in whichever way compels us. A society where most importantly of all we are accepted: we can be ourselves! 

 Although we all have our own opinions, we accept the opinions of others. In such a society, it is essential that we unite and celebrate our differences. In my local community, there are many communities and I can hand on heart say diversity is normal. February, not only in Lewisham  but across the UK is a month dedicated to  the remembrance of the LGBTQ+ communities’ history and culture. 

There are many activities and events that are happening in Lewisham in celebration especially for children, giving them an opportunity to explore their own uniqueness. They also give children the chance to engage in using their motor skills and interacting with others. Listed below are just a few:

Let’s make rainbows is an activity for children under the age of 5. It will take place at 10:00 am, 6th February, at Crofton Park Library. This activity is free. 

Rainbow Craft for children under the age of 8, it will take place at Lewisham Library at 14:00 on, 8th February. This activity is also free. 

Love comes in many colours is a singing and craft activity for children under the age of 5, it will take place at 10:00 am, 13th February, at Crofton park library. 

To also join the fun, find out what your local area is doing in celebration, there are many more activities in Lewisham. 

Dinah Owiredu